The "Sole Costa Art School" is not only the name of a place but also of a method. It's a way of connecting with the process of "making art". A way in which, by taking carefully planned steps, one can learn both the theory and practice of colour, experimenting with painting techniques and gaining knowledge of painting as an evolving language, an articulate language that can be learnt through a deliberate process, a means of expression and a coming together of our outward and inner realities. It is part of a history in which we can all participate. It is both personal and universal. Founded in 1989, most of the school's activities take place in the DLF of Florence, which has a centre in the ex-warehouse of Porta al Prato. Courses on offer include drawing, painting, life drawing classes and watercolour. The school is always organising many different exhibitions, mural paintings, open-air painting sessions and trips to some of the most important galleries in the capital cities of Europe. Quartiere 1 has sponsored the school in 2005.
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